Really great course!  Informative, hands on training and knowledgeable instructors.  I loved that they came out to our location which made it easier for our staff.

Carl (niagara)
Overhead Crane Safety Awareness

Overhead crane training will assist employers to meet the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirement to ensure the operators of lifting devices are competent persons.

  • Material handling regulations
  • Pre-Shift checks and inspection
  • Analyzing the lift
  • Load limits and capacity
  • Maintaining a safe distance
  • Lifting, moving, placing loads
  • Standard safe practices
  • Controls and basic operation
  • Use of chains, slings, spreader bars, grabbers, and other attachments

Upon completion of the theory, practical crane inspection and proper lift procedures will be demonstrated in a group setting. Knowledge verification and participation certificates are included for the employers record of training.